Goals for a Cure: Sporting Raised $28,603 in 2011;Over $94,000 Since '08

The Santa Clara Sporting 95B White Team raised $3,003 in October - they will make the Goals for a Cure check presentation
to El Camino Hospital in January 2012

December 4, 2011

The Santa Clara Sporting Club and Matteo Studios are thrilled to announce that the Sporting players and parents raised $28,603.02 during the month of October 2011, in their annual Goals for a Cure campaign! This year’s fund raising effort brought in the most donations over the past four years since Goals for a Cure was launched back in 2008. Santa Clara Sporting families have now raised over $94,000 since 2008. The funds raised are used to support women who need financial assistance to get a mammogram breast screen exam. El Camino Hospital used the first $55,000 raised by Goals for a Cure to provided 84 free breast screens last year, and eight women were detected with breast cancer and treated. The Santa Clara Sporting ’95 Boys White Team raised the most donations collecting $3,003, and will make the check presentation to El Camino Hospital in January 2012 at the Santa Clara Sporting Club.

Goals for a Cure was created by Jason and Kevin Azevedo when two mothers on the Santa Clara Sporting 93 Boys Team were identified with breast cancer. One mother passed away, and the second survived. "We started seeing that some of them were nto getting detected because they just didn’t have the money to do so," said Azevedo.

Every year in October, every Santa Clara Sporting Teams compete in their pink Goals for a Cure jersey and raise donations and awareness to fight the disease. Dr. Patricia Rogers from El Camino Hospital came-up with the recommendation to use the donation funds to provide early breast screeening exams. Most donations raised to fight breast cancer are typically used for cancer research, so providing funds to women for early breast screening exams provides an impactful contribution to fight breast cancer at a local community level. Early detection of breast cancer is one of the most important ways to battle the disease.

This year, the Sporting club threw-out a challenge to all their teams, and held contests for most donations and goals scored (funds collected through a goal-a-thon or straight donations).


 2011 Goals for a Cure Awards

  • Most Donations raised by a team: $3,003 by Santa Clara Sporting 95 Boys White - prize: club funds one additional tournament
  • 2nd Place Donations raised by a team: $2,351 raised by Santa Clara Sporting 98 Boys White - prize: pizza party
  • 3rd Place Donations raised by a team: $1,994 raised by Santa Clara Sporting 94 Boys - prize: practice t-shirt
  • GFaC Raffle Winner: Monica Wahler  Prize: $100 Sporting gift card
  • Most Goals Scored: Santa Clara Sporting 93 Boys  Prize: customized 2011 Goals for a Cure t-shirts


  1. $3,003.00 Santa Clara Sporting 95B White
  2. $2,351.00 Santa Clara Sporting 98B White
  3. $1,994.00 Santa Clara Sporting 94B Green
  4. $1,935.00 -98B Black
  5. $1,930.00 -01B Black
  6. $1,710.00 -Men’s Team
  7. $1,668.11 -01G Green
  8. $1,623.60 -97G Green
  9. $1,155.00 -02G Green
  10. $1,090.00 -98G Green
  11. $1,083.00 -93B Green
  12. $1,057.00 -93G Green
  13. $998.00 -97B Green
  14. $779.00 -98G White
  15. $693.13 -99G White
  16. $689.85 -99G Green
  17. $685.00 -01B Green
  18. $673.00 -99B Green
  19. $665 -00B Green
  20. $376.28 -97G White
  21. $339.05 -02G White
  22. $332.00 -00G Green
  23. $300.00 -92B Green
  24. $285.00 -01B White
  25. $267.50 -02B Green
  26. $266.50 -02B White
  27. $225.00 -99B White
  28. $100.00 -00G White
  29. $100.00 -95G Green
  30. $80.00 -98B Green
  31. $50.00 -96B Black
  32. $30.00 -99G Black
  33. $15.00 -95B Green
  34. $50.00 -Online donations
  35. $4.00 -Other
  36. $0- 00B White
  37. $0 - 99B Black
  38. $0 - 96B Green
  39. $0 - 95G White