US Club Soccer Registration Process

Updated May 2, 2016

Team Manager Process to Create a new US Club Pass for Your Team

  1. Log online to (if you need an account set-up please contact Sueli Almeida)
  2. Once you have logged into the website, click on the "Player Management" tab on the top of the navigation page
  3. Click on the "Add Player" button and complete the web form to create a player profile
  4. Send an email to Audren Cashman with subject line: [Sporting Team name] USCS Player Pass request [Players Last Name]
  5. Audren will need payment information when he requests your passcards, so you need to call him with a credit card number, or you can bring him a check for the registration fee.
  6. After US Club issuse the new player pass, Audren will email you the PDF copy of the player pass.

* Please allow sufficient time for your passcards to be processed, particularly if you have players that were rostered with a different club last season.  At least one week is advisable if you have players that must be released by their previous club. Player passcards are valid for one full year.

The cost of US Club registration is:

  • $16/player for U12+
  • $12/player for U11 and below
  • $15/staff (good for two full years)