Sporting '91 Team Leave Behind a Legacy of Success

20 Players Recruited Into InterCollegiate Teams

The Santa Clara Sporting 91 Green Team are graduating from high school this May and leave behind a legacy of soccer and academic success, and have set the benchmark for all teams to follow in their footsteps.  Beyond all the trophies and titles the team collected during the past five years, the greater accomplishment is that all Sporting ’91 players have or will graduate from high school.  20 players will pursue higher education and have been recruited to play intercollegiate sports; nineteen players will compete on college soccer teams, and one player was recruited as a football kicker/punter.

It is understood that playing soccer at the "next level" in college, is a worthy aspiration for the younger Sporting players, but the message the team would like to send is that the Sporting ’91 Team achieved significant soccer success — including three State Cup championships in the past four years — at the same time that these players were also succeeding in high-level high school coursework (including many honors and AP classes), varsity sports, and other extracurricular and community service activities.  

All of this required no small measure of focus, commitment, goal-setting, perseverance, teamwork, and time management on the part of these extraordinary young men.   And, by the way, our players could not have done this without supportive parents, teachers, coaches and the Sporting Club.

Congratulations to all the players, coaches and parents, and good luck in the future ahead!


Santa Clara Sporting ’91 Green Team | College Commitments

Michael Walker
Tufts Universit

Matthew Taylor
Stanford University

Adrian Berg
Stanford University

Ismail (Susu) Adams
St. Mary’s College

Damier Becirovic
University of Southern California

Dino Becirovic
University of Southern California

David Cabiles
San Jose State University

Christopher Fisher
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Jenner Fox
Yale University

Uriel Huizache
San Jose State University

Gulshan Kumar
Canada College

Michael Pegueros
Foothill College

David Preston
University of California Davis

Spencer Rogers
Rice University

Benjamin Rudolph
University of Southern California

Andreas Silva
University of Redlands

Gustavo Silva
West Valley College

David Ometer
Cal-Poly, San Luis Obispo

James Callinan
Stanford University


William "Alec" Smoley
Clemson University



James Sweetman
University of California,
Santa Cruz



Team Record

CYSA State Cup Champion (2007, 2008, 2010)

San Diego Surf Cup Champion (August 2009) 

Golden State Soccer League Champions (Fall 2009)

US Club Soccer National Cup Regional Champion (June 2009) 

USYS Region IV - Far West Regional League Champion (Fall 2007)

USYS Region IV - Far West Regional Championships Semifinalist (June 2007) 

Cerritos Memorial Challenge Cup Champion (May 2008)

CYSA-North State Premier League Champion (Fall 2007)

Surf Cup Semifinalist (August 2007)

Santa Clara Sporting Invitational Champion (August 2007)

San Francisco Cup Champion (May 2007)

Celtic Cup (St. Patrick’s Division) Semifinalist (March 2007)

Gerald Badella Finalist (February 2007)

Nomads Thanksgiving Quarterfinalist (November 2006)

Santa Clara Sporting Invitational Champion (August 2006)

Surf Cup 2006 Quarterfinalist (July 2006)

US Club Soccer Region "G" Semifinalist (July 2006)

CYSA-North State Cup Finalist (May 2006)

SC del Sol (Phoenix) Presidents’ Day Tournament Finalist (February 2006)

NorCal Cup Gold Division Champion Finalist (February 2006)

Mustang Headless Horseman Halloween Classic Champion (October 2005)

NHB Cup Quarterfinalist (September 2005)

Surf Cup participant (August 2005)

Santa Clara Sporting Invitational Champion (August 2005)

US Club Soccer Region "G" Champion (July 2005)

Abronzino League (Class 1) U15 Champion (Fall 2005) (playing up in one year older age group)

Super Y-League Pacific Division Champion (Summer 2005)